One of the best gun selections found in the UK.

As a registered firearms dealer with over 25 years experience in the business, I provide a personalised service with close attention on the quality and variety of the firearms that I offer for sale.

All our items can be viewed and tested on site here with no obligation to buy.
Steve Beaty, Ivythorn Sporting.

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment

I have a track record of providing excellent corporate events tailored to the requirements of the customer. I set high standards of professionalism, client satisfaction and achievement, in beautiful surroundings.

Results are almost always exemplary, our average novice client "Hit Rate" is 50%. I can stage a shooting day undercover from the elements and everything is provided. Max group size is 20 clients.

A first class barbeque is available during the warmer months.

Practice Clays

At Ivythorn Sporting I have available a superb practice clays facility, on a pay per clay basis. You will have sole occupancy and exclusive use of the grounds, in a safe and relaxed setting in the heart of beautiful Somerset. Make full use of the layout, with two towers, a Grousebutt, the scenic 'elevated deck stand' and others, and take advantage of the under-cover shooting positions in inclement weather.
Absolutely ideal conditions for the novice, intermediate and junior shooter, but guns of every level of experience are most welcome here at Ivythorn Sporting.

Plastic and fibre wad cartridges may be used but sizes 7 to 9 only please. Guns (12g, 20g and .410) and hearing protection can be provided at no extra cost. Please contact me for costs and booking availability, all bookings are by appointment, from Wednesday to Saturday inclusive.


Corporate and Tuition
Corporate and Tuition
Corporate and Tuition
Corporate and Tuition
Tuition by appointment only from Monday to Saturday inclusive. Guns and hearing protection provided at no additional charge.

Individual or group tuition, up to Four groups of Five people. First time client with me receives free of charge safety and instructional briefing.

I will make you a better shot before you even shoot a clay. Ladies and Juniors very welcome. Contact me for cost and booking details.

Just some of the brands of new and used firearms we stock

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