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For lamping we believe there is only one brand to trust and that is Lightforce - here are some reasons why:

  • Durability and reliability
  • Options for battery and car auxiliary power supply
  • Lithium battery pack options
  • Wide range of colour filters
  • Hand held, attached to rifle and car attachment options
  • Distance and power of light beam to allow for clear target identification
  • Lightforce are a global brand built on a solid reputation
Lightforce lamps

Lightforce lamp


Including enforcer lamp, battery pack, chargers, coil cord etc.
A standard focusable spotlight with an additional LED system for a soft worklight with extended run time.
The 'ENFORCER' meets the need for a versatile, professionally rated hand held spotlight, that can be instantly converted between cordless (Ni-MH battery) and coil cord operation (12V) from a vehicle.
Battery endurance is therefore conserved until the moment the user needs to leave the vehicle and proceed on foot.
The Battery pack snaps on and off quickly without tools, and can either be replaced with a spare battery pack or the coil cord supplied, for continual use.

• 170mm lightweight reflector housing;
• Upgraded battery good for over 70 minutes opperation on full beam and over 18 hours in LED mode;
• Easy snap on 3.5A/h Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack with the option of using 12 volt vehicle or remote gel-cell battery bag power via a coil cord (sold separately);
• Fast focusing by rotating the reflector housing. Spot to flood pattern in seconds! A LIGHTFORCE innovation!
• Ergonomically designed for perfect balance & self standing;
• Highly efficient 30W bulb.
• Enforcer hand held light with variable focus beam. Available in 170mm reflector size only;
• Removable 3.5 A/h Ni-MH rechargeable battery;
• Coil cord with cigarette lighter plug;
• Universal 110/220/240 VAC mains charger and 12/24 VDC vehicle charger included with the kit.

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