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Steve Beaty, Ivythorn Sporting.

Here at Ivythorn Sporting you can test-fire sound-moderators on site to help make the right choice for you...

The fact is that nowadays most professional and recreational rifle users want or need or use a sound moderator, so I take pleasure in offering the following collection of centrefire moderators as my stock line-up. Each moderator is there for a good reason, whether it be proven longevity, or excellent noise attenuation, or perhaps simply that it is lighter than seems plausible, or of course a combination of factors, but all deserve their place here, and within the market-place in general;

Please see below for top care tips for your mod!..
Moderator brands

NB. We also can supply rimfire moderators.

Moderator images run left to right (BR Reflex T8 on left)
Moderator images above run left to right (BR Reflex T8 on left) and relate to the table below
Brand & modelBR Reflex T8ASE NorthstarASE SL5ASE JET-Z CompactA-TEC CMM-4A-TEC MaximPES T12 ScoutPES T12 Standard
Weight in grams680gr630gr410gr560gr220gr370gr560gr680gr
Foward Extension98mm100mm98mm153mm160mm115mm124mm124mm
Overall All Length260mm197mm115mm183mm175mm195mm260mm335mm

Sound moderators; fact or fiction...

I would just like to say a few words about moderators in general, to help the un-initiated and dispel some of the myths that surround their use in general. The main thing to say is that yes, they do make a considerable difference to the amount of noise and recoil that we would normally experience firing an un-moderated rifle.

It is difficult (and perhaps foolish) to put into terms without the use of professional measuring equipment but I think an estimation of 60% to 70% reduction in both phenomenons is realistic. I can definitely say 'harsh without, pleasant with...'

For those that struggle to see how a typical sound moderator works it is simply a case that all moderators reduce gas velocity to a level that causes less noise and recoil. This is exactly the same as the function of a car or motorcycle exhaust, in terms of noise attenuation and the effect that has in 'silencing' an engine. If you need further elaboration you can always ask me.

As to your choice of sound moderator one should consider several things, of variable importance to different users; cost, weight, length, longevity, all considerations for most of us...

For example, the ultralight A-TEC CCM-4 is an amazing piece of equipment, and at just 220 grammes most users find it a joy, but it is fair to say that something built of lightweight alloy cannot be expected to last as long as something built of stainless steel with 3 times the mass...

Please feel free to contact me for unbiased advice on any aspect of sound moderators; I am happy to use, endorse and sell all of the moderators I stock, and do so freely in the knowledge that all are well-proven and market leaders in their own right.

Important notes for the proper care and maintenance of moderator and rifle barrel

I have noticed an ever-increasing number of moderated rifles with severe damage caused by incorrect maintenance/usage of the sound moderator. At worst, 12-month-old rifles that are scrap!

Let me explain; When you use a centrefire moderator the burnt powder leaves a chemical deposit in the moderator, often Ammonia-based; This toxic deposit can easily chemically erode both the moderator AND the rifle barrel, to the point of irreversible damage, unless the correct care is taken.

The worst circumstance is to use the rifle and then simply place back in the cabinet with the moderator still fitted.. The toxins inside the moderator will A) erode the moderator from the inside-out until the point where the mod is ruined, and B), will gradually erode both the crown and bore of the rifle, ultimately losing both accuracy and financial value! (One should also consider that water is produced as a by-product of burning rifle powder, and so leaving this moisture/condensation present inside a metal moderator, itself inside a possibly cold metal Gun cabinet, doesn't really help matters here...)

The worst example I have seen was a 1-year old rifle (let's not embarrass anyone here with names) that was externally immaculate, and had fired 50 to 60 rounds only. I was to take it in part-exchange but couldn't because the crown was completely gas-eroded and the bore was incredibly badly pitted for the last 2" of the muzzle end of the barrel. The owner was distraught when I showed him the physical damage, but freely admitted that he had not (EVER) removed the moderator since buying the rifle new! He now knows how to look after his kit... It only cost him ?1050 for the lesson...

Anyway, that's the bad news over. The good news is that sound moderators are well worth having, and with a little care (which let's face it, ANY owner ought to take pride in) we can easily look after these things, and ensure they last as long as they should do...

(Please note that my observations here are simply intended to help you, and although fairly universal in their application I would always advise anybody to refer to manufacturers' instructions)

So, my top tips;
Remove the mod after firing and store elsewhere, not fitted to the rifle.

Spray the inside of the moderator, from both ends, with WD40, or similar oil. This will both drive out any condensed moisture and 'neutralise' the toxic deposits within.

Carefully wipe the 'face' of the muzzle and the crown clean, after firing, and use a little high-temperature grease on the thread of the rifle barrel.

A separate issue, but I'd advise the use of a thread-cap to protect the barrel thread when not in use; it's a lot cheaper than repairing a damaged thread.*

I hope this helps you keep your equipment in first class condition, and if you have any query about these notes then you can always contact me.

*Examples of the effects of lack of cleaning after use, to the rifle and moderator.*

Damaged rifle crown Examples of improper moderator usage/maintenance: rifle barrel crown damaged by gaseous erosion.
Damaged sound moderator Moderator eroded from the inside-out due to zero maintenance.

* Please note, sound moderators are classed as section 1 firearms and cannot be sent direct to customer; only face to face transaction with a registered firearms dealer.

Steve Beaty

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