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As a registered firearms dealer with over 25 years experience in the business, I provide a personalised service with close attention on the quality and variety of the firearms that I offer for sale.

All our items can be viewed and tested on site here with no obligation to buy.
Steve Beaty, Ivythorn Sporting.

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Q: Can I use a Sound Moderator on a Sauer barrel.

A: Yes you can; Most Sauer rifles will come, or can be ordered from the Factory, already threaded. (Typically 14mm x 1, no spigot, although larger diameter barrels than normal may have a proportionally larger thread.)
Please feel free to contact us in person for advice on this subject, and why not read the important notes on the care and maintenance of moderated rifle, as featured on this site. It could save you time money and accuracy.

We are building up this FAQ area with the intention of providing helpful hints and tips. If you have specific questions please fill out our contact form here and we will respond either via this FAQ section or directly. Please accept a response to this may take up to 72 hrs. Please place a subject "FAQ" in the contact form when communicating on this subject. Please contact us direct
Steve Beaty

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